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Danique Amsterdam

2019-10-16 10:52:23 | Profile
You look like a son the one that has the wide eyes when he wants me to guess it is him. I went to a fast food place and the boy in the drive tthrew window looked at me with those eyes and i think about him all the time and i always realize daya later when i process it like the boy in the hospital with me who cried the whole timw i think about him all the time and it is eating me up. I no your trying to get my attention i want you to no i love you and how are they here and more out their i dont understand but i no how sons feel and it wont let me get well until i no everyone is ok. I hope you get this message im always thinking of you guys love foreve=r always mom

Jean-Luc Picard

2019-08-11 12:41:44 | Profile
Quien viene por Axel Parker


2019-07-18 16:31:39 | Profile
I love the killers and love this song but my God that is the worst music video ever made. They spent so much money on production and costumes but somehow you had a director who had no fucking clue where to point or sequence the camera. WTF

Louis Gordnier

2019-05-18 16:16:11 | Profile
Performed this song at a talent show yesterday so I was practising it all last week so am now sick to my teeth of it.

zane kid

2019-04-14 23:14:11 | Profile
Temazo de los Killers!!!

Miku Miku kitten

2019-04-12 02:32:07 | Profile
Alguien viene de parte de Axel Parker ?

Sajko Mati

2019-03-22 12:17:49 | Profile
this album had alot of feathers :) i love it!

p8sense p8sense

2019-03-12 05:10:40 | Profile
where is Ronnie? hahaha