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Rachel McCall

2019-05-09 23:04:37 | Profile
listen to the wind blow


2019-03-15 04:23:55 | Profile
That "fake" PJ Harvey is creepy.

Indra Wanto

2019-02-04 04:26:28 | Profile
Te amo, eri pulenta ay!

Иван Залупов

2019-02-03 19:15:20 | Profile
I love the dark, twisted melody and whispering vocals, amazing. I also relate to the lyrics a lot (well, apart from the bit about torture on the wheel). Me and Catherine should take some beers to the hills.


2019-02-03 19:10:07 | Profile
A Dramatic yet soothing Piece of Musical Literature PJ Harvey. The more Track creates of yours I listen to, the more I respect your unmatchable unique style. You are in a World of your own PJ Harvey. I have spent a far bit of intimate time judging and categorising my next move with Wind, Predominately connected through AIR. It is so very important to be at one with that witch surrounds, You know it PJ Harvey.PEACE. LOVE. RESPECT. JOOSHKA_(:/)D

Gerald Reid

2019-02-03 16:59:59 | Profile
Shhh... Listen to the wind blowing

Amber Keng

2019-02-03 14:51:17 | Profile
Can it possibly be twenty years?

Steven Stephen

2019-02-03 03:04:05 | Profile
Let People live the life they Choose as long as it Does not Break the Law of which there are becoming more and more

Rebecca May

2019-02-03 02:12:51 | Profile
Yall sleep brokedown palace baby


2019-02-02 17:02:13 | Profile
Omg. PJ Harvey has been around forever, people! She rocks.