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Юлия Жукова

2019-01-18 01:09:29 | Profile
sometimes its better to be underground and not so famous but produce good quality music because when you sign with a big record label they might change your style and ways of music for the better of the commercial industry look what happened to metallica megadeth even iced earth they went commercial and the music changed a lot and thats not because they suck but because the producers and label companies control everything


2019-01-01 21:29:29 | Profile
I love this band so damn much! They deserve so much more attention! Their music is so addicting! <3 One of the best!

Keisha Richey

2018-12-26 05:28:43 | Profile
this band is soooooo COOOOOL

Fabre Julien

2018-12-12 04:24:04 | Profile
somebody knows when they bring uot an new album


2018-12-06 23:40:59 | Profile
Its like a really angry version of Blind Guardian. Good shit.


2018-12-01 03:19:35 | Profile
These guys are just plain AMAZING!

Mikey Macabre

2018-11-30 17:41:27 | Profile
Such a great band! I have always loved this type of power metal with harsher vocals at times. These guys deserve much more attention and we need that new album badly!


2018-11-22 01:53:10 | Profile
I have this cd. just the cd and booklet. any ideas to where I can find the back insert at? I have a lot of cds missing the back inserts that I bought at yard sales ebay etc,

Yoryo LD

2018-11-16 21:43:02 | Profile
If Blind Guardian had sex with Anthrax Persuader would be the outcome.