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2019-12-25 08:03:37 | Profile
Fuckin love this song


2019-10-20 15:36:16 | Profile
As years turn and family turns to the grave, you grow in the lust for nostagia and that fealing to bring back time in which everything was easy for you. But what you may have lost is nothing like the future. generations of people will look to you for guidance in their life, the feeling of no longer having to impress someone but yourself. A sort of mind that can only be crafted and shaped by the events that unfold in your life. So is it really worth wanting to go back and turn the progression of time back for you and to hold the lives of many born hostage after you to feel that spark in your brain once again? Their lives last longer then that spark so is it worth it.

billy ray fidelson

2019-09-05 03:03:38 | Profile

Free Smooknation

2019-01-19 06:39:25 | Profile
Lonely times indeed.

Guilherme Ferreira

2019-01-03 16:54:27 | Profile
Seems like so long ago

Brett July

2018-12-22 03:35:38 | Profile
This is your best song!

Simona Serbanescu

2018-11-18 09:52:42 | Profile
I keep getting saved and falling at the same time


2018-11-14 13:34:54 | Profile
Yeah Cage the Elephant is awesome this song is a classic


2018-11-13 21:26:57 | Profile
Hard to believe this was 8 years ago now and still is an amazing song and still hits the feels in its own way